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Magic Honey Box – Box of 24 sachets (10 grams each)


Perfect mix between nature and science, thus responding to men’s energy requirements, improving their sexual performance and strengthening their immune system

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24 Energizing Honey sachets 100 % Natural.

  • 97% Pure honey
  • 1% Tongkat Ali
  • 1% Guarana
  • 1% Cinnamon


  • Enhancer: Take your qualities to the maximum.
  • Immunizer: Strengthens your immune system naturally
  • Energizer: Get extra power and energy with each shot
  • Our formula boosts the body’s energy for up to 72 hours

How to use

It can be consumed directly from the sachet as a shot of power and energy, you can add it to your juices and it works perfectly as a natural sweetener, you can pour honey directly into your favorite foods. Each sachet of Magical Honey 100% Natural Energizing Honey will have an effect of 72 hours, so a maximum consumption of 2 sachets per week should not be exceeded.

Weight 10.6 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8.5 in


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